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The STAR sales management training and coaching program transforms sales managers into STAR sales coaches that develop and lead their salespeople to CRUSH their sales numbers!  

Are your sales managers:

  • Spending enough time in the field coaching?
  • Effectively coaching and developing their salespeople?
  • Getting the best performance out of their salespeople?

STAR Sales Coaches make a BIG impact!

  • The #1 factor that drives sales rep performance is the quality of sales manager.
  • The #1 sales management activity that drives sales performance is coaching.
  • The #1 return on training investment is sales manager training.

The Power of Coaching

The Power of Accountabiity

Our sales management training programs are different from any others in the industry.

We don’t just train sales managers; we coach them, we mentor them and provide them with the tools to master key skills.

What you get is permanent, sustainable, and measurable improvements in skills. The result is STAR sales managers that drive the performance.

Traditional Sales Management Training Program Fails

Traditional sales management training programs lack reinforcement and fail to create a sustainable impact on skill acquisition and job performance.

Sales Management Coaching Program

Have you invested in sales management training and experienced a similar result?  

We implemented a top-notch sales management training program. The sales managers loved the session. Afterward, senior sales management found that most managers weren’t using the new skills. One-year post training there was no noticeable improvement in coaching skills.
Martin, Director Salesforce Effectiveness

Sales Manager Development Program

Focused Sales Coaching™ Workshop

In Focused Sales Coaching™ workshop, your sales managers will learn how to effectively coach and develop their salespeople to be top performers – leading to increased sales, better engagement, and improved job satisfaction.

Your sales managers learn how to:

  • Avoid common coaching mistakes that can negatively impact performance
  • Develop a self-motivated, engaged, and fully accountable team of top performers
  • Engage and retain your top salespeople
  • Employ simple, yet effective techniques to create sales rep buy-in and behavioral change
  • Create greater accountability for achieving goals

Results you can expect: 

  • Highly effective coaches that develop their salespeople
  • Increased productivity and sales performance
  • Creating a culture of accountability
  • Improved engagement and reduced turnover
  • Greater focus on sales rep development

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Focused Manager Coaching

Maximize the impact of your sales force. Developing top sales talent is critical. In this economy, leaders are realizing that without great sales coaches all you are doing is settling for sales mediocrity.

Over 25 years of research has proven that the best way to CRUSH your sales numbers is not by more training, but by his leadership coaching approach. Steven’s approach helps sales executives and managers improve FOCUS and understand their core driver(s).

Focused Manager Coaching is a breakthrough in personalized coaching approaches. Based on the individual needs of the sales manager, the focus is on the 5 essential skills of high-performance sales managers:

  1. Coaching for Performance.
  2. Hiring Stars.
  3. Proactive Performance Management.
  4. Business Acumen and Planning.
  5. Leadership

Steven’s Focused Sales Manager Coaching is designed to reinforce, sustain and perfect key sales management skills and put those skills into action.

Sales managers, who have worked with Steven:

  • Experienced greater confidence, become better coaches and people managers.
  • Improved communication with bosses and peers.
  • Application of the principles of empowerment and accountability.
  • Proactively managing performance and performance issues.
  • Improved sales performance.
RDI hired Steven to work with my Sales Management team. Steven was able to identify our needs and put a program together that benefited our organization by providing the necessary coaching and strategy to gain the positive results we wanted.
Rick Denley, Director Sales & Marketing


GGSteven has contributed enormously to the development team of sales managers. His communication skills and ability to build strong relations make him a great coach. The return on investment is positive!

Gina Gauvin, National Sales Director

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