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The Challenge

Most sales managers struggle to effectively coach and develop their salespeople

56% of sales organizations don’t have a well-defined and understood coaching process

Traditional sales management training fails to have impact on performance

Sales managers are not held accountable for the quantity or quality of their coaching

The Solution

Our Revolutionary Sales Management Training Develops Elite Sales Coaches Who Drive Sales Performance 

Isn’t it time for you to invest in sales management training to help your sales managers crush their sales numbers?

What if you could develop a team of top performing sales managers within the next 3 months.

It’s a revolutionary approach where I teach your sales managers my proven five-step process to help them become highly effective coaches, develop their salespeople and crush their sales numbers.

It’s up to your sales managers to lead their team, but I guarantee you, if your sales managers follow my five-step process, your sales reps will improve their performance, be more engaged and you’ll hit your sales numbers each month.

Many sales managers find it hard to find time to coach because they lack the skills and a proven coaching methodology.

Sales Management Training Report

2016 STAR Sales Manager Report

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Introducing the STAR Sales Management Training Program

This is not your traditional sales management training program. We provide your sales managers with an intense reinforcement plan including one-on-one coaching, access to on-demand how-to-video content, online assessments, coaching tools and templates.

Once your sales managers implement this system, your sales team will perform at a higher level and your sales managers will be more effective coaches that coach more frequently. They will communicate and lead their team with greater confidence and crush their sales numbers.

5 Step Sales Management Training Process

After training 100’s of sales executives and thousands of sales managers, I’ve learned that there are 5 steps to developing your salespeople and improve their skills and as a result, I have created The STAR Sales Management Training Program to teach your sales managers how to be STAR sales coaches.

sales management training program

Step 1: Coaching Benchmarking 

sales management training assessment

The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot ™ is a sales manager assessment tool that provides senior sales management with an objective measure of how effective their sales managers coach. The report is based on feedback from the sales reps who receive the coaching. Managers receive a detailed report and 1 on 1 debriefing. They will get a better understanding of their strengths and potential blind spots.

Step 2: Focused Sales Coaching | Sales Management Training

In Focused Sales Coaching™, your sales managers will learn how to effectively coach and develop their salespeople to be top performers – leading to increased sales, better engagement, and improved job satisfaction.

Sales managers learn the five-step Focused Sales Coaching™ methodology to enhance their sales coaching skills and accelerate the development of their sales team. Steven follows up monthly to ensure that your sales managers are successfully implementing and mastering the Focused Sales Coaching™ methodology.

Avoid common coaching mistakes that can negatively impact performance

  •  Develop a self-motivated, engaged, and fully accountable team of top performers
  •  Engage and retain your top salespeople
  •  Employ simple, yet effective techniques to create sales rep buy-in and behavioral change
  •  Create greater accountability for achieving goals

The STAR Sales Management Training Program is based on 5 essential skills of high-performance sales managers:

  1. sales management training programsFocused Sales Coaching
  2. Hiring Sales Stars
  3. Proactive Performance Management
  4. Business Acumen and Planning
  5. Leadership


Sales Management Training Video

Focused Sales Coaching™ featured in

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Step 3: Pull-Through Tools and Support

  1. Weekly Email Reminders
  2. STAR Focused Coaching Journey
  3. STAR Focused Coaching Planner
  4. STAR Focused Field Visit Report
  5. Field Visit Report Audit
  6. Monthly VP Update Meeting
  7. Gamification
  8. Team Huddles

sales management tools

Step 4: Coaching the Coach

Sales Management Coaching

The Focused Sales Coaching™ course is supported by individual coaching. Sales managers can apply their learning’s to their own real-life situations. The most effective way of learning is by a real-time application. We provide 1:1 coaching to support your sales managers in their journey to becoming a master coach.

Sales managers, who have worked with Steven have:

  • Experienced greater confidence
  • Improved frequency and effectiveness of their coaching
  • Applied the principles of empowerment and accountability
  • Improved communication with their boss and peers
  • Proactively managed performance and performance issues
  • Improved sales performance

Steven’s passion, drive, and energy are focused solely on helping his clients become the best they can be. He maintains a personal investment in his clients’ success and the performance of their team.

Step 5: Assess, Review, and Report

At the six-month point, we reassess your sales managers coaching effectiveness to gauge the impact of the program. We will conduct a review meeting with senior management to evaluate the success of the program and next steps.


The Outcome

Your Sales Managers will be Transformed into Elite Sales Coaches Who Drive Sales Performance!

They will:

  • Increase the frequency and effectiveness of their coaching
  • Improve the performance and engagement of their team
  • Drive better sales results

This just may be the best investment your company will ever make.

Let this be the year you finally have a system in place to develop your salespeople, improve engagement, and crush your sales numbers.

The Power of Accountability

Next Step

If you are ready to CRUSH your sales numbers by transforming your sales managers into STAR sales coaches schedule a time to speak with Steven.

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See What Sales Experts and Sales Managers Have to Say 

Sales management review

The STAR Sales Management Training Program uses the Adult Learning Model with video methodology and combines coaching tools, workbooks, quizzes, 1 on1 coaching to make the training stick. I highly recommend this important course on learning how to effectively coach salespeople.”

Ken Thoreson, President Acumen Management Group LTD

“If you want the fastest and surest path to better sales performance, the answer is coaching. Steven Rosen’s STAR Sales Management Training Program will give the tools and techniques you need to coach your team to greater success now.”

Anthony Iannarino, International Speaker and Author of The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

sales management review

“There is not a single sales manager who wouldn’t benefit from the STAR Sales Management Training program from Steven Rosen. There is nothing more impactful for driving increased sales than a sales manager meeting 1:1 and effectively coaching his/her people. Stop making excuses about why you can’t or don’t have time to coach your people and take advantage of Steven’s expertise at developing great sales leaders.”

Mike Weinberg, Author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Sales Management. Simplified. – The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team.

Sales management review

“Before I enrolled in the STAR Sales Management Training program, I was never trained on how to coach. I found the initial assessment allowed me to understand the areas that I could improve on to become a better coach. The online learning program provided me with a methodology which Steven supported with coaching every time I had an issue. I highly recommend the STAR Sales Management Development Program to any sales manager who wants to grow their skills and their sales.”

Mike Dahab, National Sales Manager

Sales management training testimonial;

“The STAR Focused Coaching Program is based on Steven’s many years of experience coaching. The format is easy to digest with useful supporting materials, tools, and appropriate quizzes. The monthly coaching sessions helped me perfect my skills.”

Paul Cooper, VP EMEA &&Asia Litmos by CallidusCloud

sales management training testimonial

“The STAR Sales Management Training Program has helped me focus on coaching my people. Guiding and empowering my team to find answers for themselves, take- action and be accountable. His coaching support has proven to be extremely valuable.”

Marie-Hélène Gagnon, Regional Sales Manager

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