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Sales Manager Coaching

To help transform sales managers into STAR sales coaches

Steven’s Focused Sales Manager Coaching is designed to reinforce, sustain and perfect key sales management skills and put those skills into action.  

Why Settle for Sales Mediocrity?

  1. You cut your sales force to the bone.
  2. You created a leaner and meaner sales team.
  3. Your sales broke all records….or maybe not. What happened?

Maximise the impact of your sales force. Developing top sales talent is critical, have you built the foundation for talent development? In this economy leaders are realizing that without great sales coaches all you are doing is settling for sales mediocrity.

Coaching Drives Performance

The No. 1 activity that drives sales rep performance is sales-coaching, highly effective coaches can improve sales performance by as much as 19%!

The challenge is that most sales managers are not strong coaches.

Coaching is one of the most difficult skills to master. It requires a different mindset than managing or leading.  Changing your approach with your reps to a “coaching mindset” is a learned skill that requires a high level of self-awareness and on-going reinforcement coaching.

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Focused Manager Coaching

Focused Manager Coaching is a breakthrough in personalized coaching approaches. Based on the individual needs of the sales manager, the focus is on the 5 essential skills of high performance sales managers:

  1. Coaching for Performance.
  2. Hiring Stars.
  3. Proactive Performance Management.
  4. Business Acumen and Planning.
  5. Leadership.

Focused Coaching SupportSteven coaches sales managers in an objective and nonjudgmental manner. This enables individuals to reach their true potential. Steven takes a simple, direct and effective approach. Sales managers learn the 5 Step Focused Coaching methodology as they go through the coaching program.

The Focused Sales Manager Coaching system is supported by individual coaching. Sales managers can then apply their learning’s to their own real life situations. The most effective way of learning is by real life application.

Sales managers, who have worked with Steven Rosen:

  • Experienced greater confidence, became better coaches and people managers.
  • Improved communication with bosses and peers.
  • Application of the principles of empowerment and accountability.
  • Proactively managing performance and performance issues.
  • Improved sales performance.

The process is flexible to accommodate the needs of the busy sales manager.

Steven’s passion, drive and energy are focused solely on helping his clients become the best they can be. He maintains a personal investment in his clients’ success and the performance of their team.

If you are ready to give you sales managers the tools to realise their true potential, Steven can help transform your sales managers into great sales leaders. Give us a call at 905-737-4548 to find out more.

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