Focused Executive Coaching









Are you finding it difficult to achieve your numbers?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the rapid pace of change in your business?

No one to talk to about your challenges because you don’t want to look weak?

You are a successful VP of Sales!

Steven’s Focused Executive Coaching

Designed For High-Potential Fast-Tracking Sales Executives

Steven’s clients are senior-level leaders or high potentials who are being considered for a senior role in the succession plan. Many leaders are over-extended dealing with everyday demands with little time to improve their own leadership.

Steven’s Focused Executive Coaching Program is a breakthrough personalized coaching approach for those at the top or on their way up.

What is Focused Executive Coaching

Focus is the No. 1 factor in achieving success. Focus is not something we are born with. It is a skill and a mindset that can be developed and honed. Steven’s passion, drive, and energy are focused solely on helping his clients become the best they can be. The development of sales executives into “Focused and Successful Sales Leaders” inspires him.

Steven helps his clients cut through the day-to-day minutia. He helps them drill down to the critical issues/opportunities/obstacles that they face.

Executive coaching provides sales leaders with the focus that is not available from direct supervisors. We coach sales executives in an objective and nonjudgmental manner that enables individuals to reach their true potential.

You have the power! The Steven Rosen Focused Executive Coaching Program gets results. The truth is everybody needs a coach. It only makes good business sense. A good coach helps you focus and remove obstacles that get in the way.

The Leadership Paradox

The higher you move up in an organization, the harder it is to find honest feedback. You are expected to have the answers, yet how do you know you have the best solutions? I understand the challenges you face. I will help you break through the obstacles that stand between you and success.

Executives who work with Steven have:

  • Developed better coaching and people management skills.
  • Improved communication with bosses and peers.
  • Experienced greater self-confidence and decision making.
  • Managed staff through increased personal effectiveness.
  • Developed a flexible leadership style.
  • Balanced work and life priorities.
  • Improved performance in their organization.
  • Improved their development as a person and as a leader.

1273229In very short order, Steven helped me break through key issues that were holding my business back from growth. I don’t think I could have done it as effectively or quickly without his help.

Susan McLennan, President Reimagine PR
Pierre BourdageSteven has worked with myself and my leadership team on several different projects. His deep knowledge of coaching and performance management has greatly helped us progress against our development goals and accelerate business performance.
Pierre Bourdage, General Manager UK & Ireland at Alcon

After several sessions, I began to experience improvements in my personal and professional effectiveness. I have begun to tackle each day with the energy and focus that I once had. I would highly recommend Steven.

Ara Soukiassian, President Brands Unlimited

Executive coach

When you hire Steven, you get Steven. He personally works with a select group of clients and their management teams to elevate them to greater personal and professional success. Steven knows sales — inside and out; he’s been in the trenches and commanded the troops. Steven helps develop high-performance teams, coaching and mentoring senior sales executives and front-line sales managers to grow their businesses to new heights.

Steven maintains a personal investment in his clients’ success and the performance of their organization. Executive Coaching is a flexible process that can vary over time. The Focused Executive Coaching Program is designed to accommodate the needs of the busy executive whose demands are always changing. Each program is built on your specific goals, and Steven’s Focused Executive Coaching Methodology assists in accelerating your growth and delivering maximum results.
If you are ready to create positive change, Steven Rosen can help you achieve your goals.

Unleash the Power of Focused Executive Coaching!

Please contact me for a free introductory discussion to discuss what executive coaching can do for you.

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