90% of Companies Fail to Execute  

Don’t Leave Business Execution to Chance

Business Unit heads can’t be equally adept at both developing strategies and driving execution, as a result of their background they either have a greater affiliation for strategy or execution. BU heads can improve execution by focusing on critical factors for success,  people development and by creating a high degree of urgency and accountability.

As a result, business unit heads experience improved execution, better team alignment and can consistently crush their sales objectives.

The Business Execution Program is a rigorous 3-step training, coaching and consulting program. We work with you and your team to develop your customized Execution Plan.The program helps align and focus your sales and marketing team on what they need to do to crush their sales numbers.We provide 1-on-1 leadership/performance coaching to help develop your managers to effectively lead and execute the plan. Lastly, we can provide data and analytical support to track and report on how your team is executing every month.

Once you implement this system, your sales and marketing team will be aligned, focused and take ownership of the plan.

They will lead their respective teams with greater clarity and have a more disciplined approach to executing that will enable them to crush your sales numbers in 2017.

Maybe you can relate to the following…

  • Your marketing team has done a great job developing and presenting the 2017 marketing plans
  • You are confident that you have the right management team in place
  • Your plans have been approved, and you are faced with a challenging sales objective for 2017

The biggest problem that may keep you from crushing your sales numbers for 2017 is the breakdown between your great marketing strategy and excellent business execution.

Steven talks with Barbara Giamanco about Executing with Excellence

the Razor’s Edge

Business Execution Webinar: 3- Steps to Crush Your Sales Numbers

Sales Management Tips

Sales and marketing executives have shared with me the following frustrations:

  • They would like to do a better job executing their marketing plans and be able to know if their team is on track.
  • They hate having to explain to their boss why they are missing sales objectives.
  • The marketing team keeps missing deadlines, materials and programs are slow in getting implemented, and if you could only get them to have a sense of urgency, things would be better.
  • None of their sales managers agree on what they need to do to execute the marketing plans. Even though you spend hours discussing this with them, they do whatever they want.

I would have you consider; it does not have to be this way!

How It Works: 

We involve your team in a process of defining their critical success factors and helping them build their execution plan.

We then work 1:1 with your sales and marketing teams through the course of the year. We develop customized plans for each member to help them develop their leadership skills and keep them focused on executing their plan.

We develop a customized strategy that is focused on execution, improving effectiveness, creating better alignment and will help you consistently crush your sales objectives.

Buisness Execution

Our program gets your team hyper-focused on the execution of your annual business plan.

We go beyond your plans to drill down to the critical success factors that will help you crush your sales objectives. We work with your sales management and marketing teams to define what they need to focus on to be successful, to get them aligned and to develop your Business Execution Plan.

By the end of this process, you will experience…

  • Your strategies and product messaging are flawlessly implemented, giving you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to see how well your team is executing.
  • Your sales managers are proactively coaching their people to be better. They are addressing performance issues, making you feel confident that they are driving sales.
  • You are energized in your job because you know where your organization is headed.
  • You know that sales and marketing are aligned and feel empowered to make things happen.
  • You feel in control and have a great sense of confidence in your team’s ability to crush your sales objectives.

Unlike other advisors, our proprietary focused coaching, consulting and training process has been designed specifically for pharmaceutical, biotech, OTC and medical device organizations and the unique challenges these companies face.

Steven Rosen sales leadership development and business execution expert, developed this program.

Crushing Your Sales Numbers Comes Down to Execution!

3 Step Business Execution Program

Step 1: Business Execution Workshop – Aligning Your Team for Success

We get your sales and marketing teams hyper focused on executing your annual business plan by facilitating execution-planning meetings. We initially work with the sales management and marketing teams separately. Each goes through our process to define, plan and build their department Business Execution plan.

Four Steps to Building Your Business Execution Plan

  1. Brainstorm Critical Success Factors
  2. Prioritize Critical Success Factors
  3. Develop action plan
  4. Define success metrics and timelines

Business Execution Workshop


  • Improved alignment
  • Improved communication between S&M
  • Clarity on what’s important
  • Ownership on executing the plan
  • Accountability to execute

Step 2: Leading Business Execution 

Executive coaching has many organizational benefits that positively impact individuals and have a direct impact on the bottom line.

We coach and mentor you and key members of your team to keep them focused on executing your strategy while developing their competencies.

We work with your sales and marketing team and focus on:

  • Individual leadership assessment and debrief
  • Individual coaching plan
  • Online training
  • Monthly 1:1 tele coaching sessions
  • Email and text access
  • Access to STAR resource library


  • Strong team alignment
  • Improved engagement
  • Improved communication
  • Greater focus on execution and accountability
  • Individualized development of team

Step 3: Tracking & Reviewing Business Execution

We track the execution of the SBE plan and provide you with monthly exception reporting and quarterly updates. We will also provide recommendations on how to take your sales to the next level

Based on your SBE plan, we develop a monthly tracking mechanism. We provide you and your team with monthly updates to keep them focused on execution and the activities that will help crush your sales numbers.

  • CSF
  • Key deliverables
  • Individual development plans
  • Field visit report feedback

On a quarterly basis, we prepare a progress report card to present to senior management on the progress of the SBE plan. We provide recommendations, next steps and identify opportunities to enhance growth and to take corrective actions.

Here are the benefits you can expect:

  • A highly aligned sales team
  • Ownership of the plan
  • Improved communication between sales and marketing
  • Executional excellence
  • Improved leadership of your team
  • Team accountability
  • Monthly progress reports helping you stay on top of your business
  • Quarterly reviews of opportunities and areas for improvement


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