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Sales Executive Coaching and Training

Steven’s Sales Executive Coaching and Training Solutions Will Help You CRUSH Your Sales Numbers!

Are You Struggling to Make Your Sales Numbers?

Focused Sales Executive Coaching

Lead your team to CRUSH your sales numbers and take your career to the next level!


Focused Manager Development

Develop your sales managers to be great sales coaches that CRUSH  their sales numbers!


Focused Strategy Execution

Execute your strategies with excellence and CRUSH your sales numbers!


What are they saying

Pierre Bourdage, General Manager UK & Ireland at Alcon

Pierre Bourdage

“Steven’s deep knowledge of coaching and performance management has greatly helped us progress against our development goals and accele>rate business performance.”

Stu Fowler, President & GM, Allergan Canada

Stu Fowler

“Steven helped Allergan develop a high-performance sales organization. We have enjoyed strong growth over the past five years. Steven has been a personal mentor and contributed in part to our success.”

Tricia Symmes, General Manager Alcon Canada

Tricia Symmes

“Steven has helped me focus on how to challenge the status quo, how to influence others and the importance of teaching my people how to “fish” for themselves.”

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Does this sound like you?

Too many sales executives are struggling to achieve their sales numbers. As a result, they find themselves overly stressed, frustrated, and not sure what to do. They begin to question their people instead of leading, engaging and inspiring them. Thereby creating a sales culture of distrust and lack of motivation ensues.

Imagine instead; your sales managers are coaching and developing their people and executing with excellence. All your salespeople are highly engaged, productive and crushing their sales numbers!  You are hitting all your objectives and are highly successful.

Ask yourself, why are you struggling?

Like most sales leaders you find yourself overwhelmed with endless distractions such as constant emails, texts, meetings, and phone calls. You don’t have a sales execution plan, nor do you have the time to develop your management team, and the energy to create a high-performance culture.

Does this sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You need to focus on leading and engaging your team to get maximum performance. Your managers need a high level of support to become better leaders and to execute with excellence.

What I do

My Sales Executive Coaching,  helps sales leaders who want to break through. I offer highly focused sales executive coaching, training, and strategy execution to help sales leaders develop their leadership skills, execute with excellence and crush their sales numbers.

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Are You Ready to Take Your Performance to the Next Level? 

Steven’s Focused Solutions Will Help You CRUSH Your Sales Numbers


Get Laser-Focused

Over 25 years of research has proven that the best way to CRUSH Your Sales Numbers is not by implementing more sales training and certainly not by adding more technology, but by coaching executives and their team members one-on-one to increase FOCUS.

Steven produces LASER-FOCUSED and successful sales leaders by:

  1. Drilling down to the real issues or obstacles you and your team face, so that you can deliver results well beyond handling the minutia of daily meetings, emails, and phone calls.
  2. Defining the sure-fire path to reach your end goal.
  3. Identifying and understanding the core drivers that motivate you and your team to get there.
  4. Inspiring you to take appropriate action from the get-go.
  5. Holding you accountable for achieving measurable STAR results.

Being LASER-FOCUSED through more effective planning gives you the freedom of more time, more energy, and more brain power to devote to CRUSHING your sales numbers.

You have the power! 

Steven Rosen Sales Executive Coaching gets you Focused on Success.

The truth is everybody needs an executive coach. It only makes good business sense. A good coach helps you focus and remove obstacles that get in the way.

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Steven’s Highly Acclaimed Sales Management Book

52 Sales Management Tips Sales Management Tips

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52 Sales Management Tips – The Sales Manager’s Success Guide

Rosen’s sales management book brings a much-needed perspective to help you lead, set the agenda, and take back control. It’s easy to read, well laid-out and gushes with practical, actionable tips. Get it!”

Mike Weinberg,
Author, #1 Amazon Bestsellers New Sales. Simplified. and Sales Management. Simplified.

52 Sales Management Tips named one of the 12 Best Sales Management Books EVER Written by Insightsquard.

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