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Sales Manager Training and Coaching

Developing Great Sales Managers Who Inspire STAR Results

Sales Management Training

Sales Manageemnt Training

Sales Management Training

Are you considering investing in developing your sales managers?

You are on the right track! The #1 performance factor for sales people is the quality of their sales manager. We will help you maximize your investment in training. We reinforce our sales manager training with sales manager coaching to create sustainable changes in your sales management teams that drive improvement in sales performance.

Sales Manager Training Program

Developing Self-Managed High-Performers and Increasing Accountability, Responsibility and Results

Our approach …

Peter Drucker was right, the #1 competency of top performers at every level is self-management.

Our success in developing world leading, high performance cultures is based on our proven approach of developing high-performing self-managers at every level of an organization.

Our training and performance coaching approach is based on nearly three decades of performance research and the principle that effort, while one of the most critical factors in determining the outcome of an individual’s performance, can really only be managed by the individual, rather than by their sales manager or trainer.

Increasing Accountability, Responsibility and Results …

Our training is designed to help the individual employee be accountable for their results and responsible for their performance.  We provide managers the tools they need to coach the high-talent employees on their teams to achieve even higher levels of performance by becoming more effective self-managers.

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Our Advantage: “Will Do” not “Can Do”…

Most training programs focus on the all important “can do” and are limited to skill and knowledge development. The proven “will do” training approach also focuses on developing the critical behaviors and success habits that self-managing employees require in order to achieve results. Based on decades of applied behavioral and organizational science, our proven “will-do” approach moves beyond the elusive “can-do” and helps the participant become more accountable for their performance, their commitments and their very tangible “will do’s”.

Our Results …

Organizations who participate in our training programs find that sales reps take greater responsibility for their efforts, their commitments and their performance. As a result, sales managers are now able to devote more time coaching their best effort sales reps to become even better performers. Many managers will waste their energy coaxing non-effort people to do what they are getting paid to do.

Five Impactful Steps to Developing the Best Sales Leadership Team.

Managing Effort is a performance coaching program designed to help sales managers learn about and improve performance and results through leadership training and coaching. The goal is to develop responsible and accountable sales performers.
The Principles of Self-Management training helps people learn to become more effective self-managers of their careers and professional relationships. This program teaches participants to recognize the self-managing strategies behind their best achievements and offers practical methods to use these strategies more consistently.
Hiring Winners is a practical workshop designed to improve an organization’s effectiveness and results in attracting, selecting, hiring and retaining top sales performers. This workshop develops a customized selection system that is efficient, effective and easily integrates.
The leadership program is designed to help the leaders of corporations, organizations and teams. Sales managers and sales reps create a high-performance, self-managing culture and work environment.
This is a stress management program that balances individual needs and well being with the performance structures of an organization. All participants will develop an individualized energy management program that increases the available energy to perform important job functions. In addition to demonstrating that the organization is concerned about the well being of its employees, this program will focus the participants on effective career and lifestyle management strategies and will help individuals to balance their personal and professional commitments.

Available in 3 formats: Facilitated on-site workshop, train-the-trainer or e-learning. Available as standard 2 day, 1 Day or 1/2 day program.

Sales Management Training Seminars

To Help Sales Managers “Sharpen the Saw”

Our 4 one-hour virtual “Essentials of Sales Management” training seminars will improve sales managers coaching, hiring, business planning, and performance management skills!


In Coaching for Performance, you will learn how to effectively coach your sales people to become top performers – leading to increased sales, better engagement, and improved job satisfaction. Steven will teach you a five-step coaching process that will develop and inspire your salespeople to achieve new levels of performance.

Coaching for Performance


Are you tired of making hiring mistakes? In Systematically Selecting Sales Super Stars, you will learn how to effectively select top-performing sales people. Steven will teach you a three-step, systematic process to identify reps who can deliver improved team performance and sales results. 

Selecting Sales Super Stars


In Demystifying Business Acumen, Steven teaches sales managers simple approaches to coaching their sales reps how to strategically view their business. They will make wiser decisions, plan better, and effectively allocate their resources based on customer needs and potential for growth. Sharper decision-making and use of resources by both you and your salespeople will generate greater ROI. 

Business Acumen


In Managing Performance for Results, Steven teaches sales managers simple approaches in conducting quarterly business reviews, managing non-performing sales reps and managing your boss. The Managing Performance seminar is the perfect complement to the Demystifying Business Acumen seminar. You will improve sales rep accountability in executing their business plans and rapidly as well as effectively address performance issues. 

Managing Performance for Results


This virtual Sales Management Training Seminars series serves organizations and managers who have neither the time nor budget for extensive on-site training. Traditional training methods are long on costs and short on information retention. This series will teach you vital skills and techniques that you can apply immediately.

  • Coaching for Performance: Learn how to become a great coach and ignite your team!
  • Business Acumen: Learn how to develop your sales team into strategic business people
  • Systematically Selecting Sales Super Stars: Learn how to create a systematic approach to hiring STARS
  • Managing Performance for Results: Learn how to effectively manage performance to maximize your results

In the Sales Management Training Seminars series you will learn how to:

  • Adopt a new Coaching Model that will help you develop and inspire your salespeople to new levels of performance
  • Employ a systematic approach to hiring and selecting top-performing reps
  • Teach your sales reps to become strategic business people and focus on driving their sales
  • Utilize a focused-forward performance management system that continually raises the bar on results

Benefits of Participation:

  • Small group learning allows for greater interaction to maximize the learning process
  • No wasted travel time. No special equipment. No dress code
  • Learn from a recognized sales management expert at a fraction of the cost of attending a live seminar
  • Opportunity to share and gain insights from other sales managers
  • Exposure to thought-provoking approaches and ideas

Your Trainer:

Steven Rosen is one of Canada’s leading sales management coaches and the founder of STAR Results, a sales management training and coaching organization. Steven’s passion is delivering ongoing development opportunities for sales managers. He knows sales inside and out – he’s been in the trenches and commanded the troops. His clients commend him as a valued partner and personal mentor who has helped transform their sales organization and inspired their sales executives and managers.

Improve your coaching, hiring, business planning and performance management skills! Our online sales management training seminars for sales managers will enhance your skills and ignite team performance.

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