Traditional sales management training FAILS to create skill mastery

Introducing Reinforcement-Based Sales Management Training

Our sales management-training program delivers sustainable and measurable improvements in skills that lead to improved sales results. The key is ongoing reinforcement over a sustained period of time to achieve true skill mastery.

Reinforcement-Based Sales Management Training

To ensure that your sales managers become master coaches we develop a customised reinforcement plan for each client. Our reinforcement plan extends over six to twelve month. The difference is that you achieve permanent, measurable improvements in sales manager performance.

Our reinforcement plan includes the following elements:

  1. Ongoing assessment and feedback
  2. Blended learning
  3. Reinforcement coaching
  4. Reinforcement tools
  5. Shared accountability

Can you relate to this client? 

A couple years ago we brought in a top-notch coaching program. The sales managers loved the session. Afterwards, senior sales management found that most managers weren’t using the new skills. One-year post training there was no noticeable improvement in coaching skills. I can’t understand why such a great program had no impact on performance.

Director, Salesforce Effectiveness

Sales Management Coaching Program

Sales Management Trainint

The STAR Difference

Reinforcment-Based Sales Management Training

Assessment & Feedback

Sales Management Coaching

We assess your sales managers coaching effectiveness and provide pre and post training feedback.

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Sales Management Coaching

Our Focused Coaching, Virtual Learning Module teaches sales managers how to effectively coach their salespeople to improve performance.

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Sales Management Coaching

We rigorously reinforce learnings through coaching all levels of sales leadership and provide sales managers with pull through tools.

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There are good results, and then there are STAR Results!

We create permanent, measurable improvements in performance that drive sales results!

Organizations who have implemented our Reinforcement-Base Sales Management Training have experienced:

  • Highly effective coaching
  • Increased sales performance
  • Improved focus on development
  • High levels of engagement and reduced turnover
  • Improved hiring of top sales reps
  • Improved business acumen and decision-making
  • Proactive performance management
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