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Sales Assessments and Profiles

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Sales Assessments and Profiles

We help take the guess work out of the hiring process and put science and advanced statistical methods in the selection training and development decisions. Millions of normative sales assessments and three decades of performance research provide us with a deep understanding of best practices and allow us to accurately predict performance and retention while dramatically increasing results and candidate flow. Our sales and management validated sales assessment tools are suitable for sales selection, succession planning, leadership development, and performance coaching.

The challenge is that the sharpest sales people don’t always stand out in an interview. Sales Assessments help to systematically determine which candidate has the potential to be a top performer.

The Science of Normative Profiling:

The POP™ is a sales assessment that has been used to assess and track the careers of over three million people active or seeking employment in sales careers such as financial services, automotive sales, and many other sales cultures.

With this data, the POP™ has become an industry standard and is a thoroughly validated assessment tool. It is proven to be predictive in many sales cultures and is used to develop ideal candidate models for specific industries and companies.

Equipped with a customized ideal candidate model, recruiting managers can quickly identify a potential high performer and recruit people who are statistically similar to the best performers in their organizations.

Sales Assessment: The Personal Orientation Profile (POP)

The Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) has been used for recruiting and selecting sales people for nearly three decades. The POP™ has been validated in a wide variety of sales cultures throughout North America, Asia and in other parts of the world and is used to discover self-managers who will be consistent top performers. It has been proven effective in predicting both performance and retention. Use the POP™ for selecting sales positions roles where compensation is primarily based on commission.

Currently available in 24 languages. The POP™ provides sales management with feedback, interview suggestions, retention strategies and coaching suggestions on:

  • Business Development
  • Motivational Structure
  • Closing Style
  • Approach to Structure
  • Communication Style
  • Probable Performance Levels
  • Self Confidence
  • Managing Call Reluctance
  • Closing Style


The POP™ provides each candidate with an overview of strengths and some career counseling on what to seek and what to avoid in career paths.

More than just a sales skills assessment, the POP™ is one of the world’s leading sales employee selection tools and is the instrument of choice for many of the most competitive financial services sales forces.

Management Assessment Profiles: Management Pro™


Management Pro™ is a state-of-the-art psychometric assessment tool that measures the potential for success and suitability to a career in a management or leadership role. It assesses the factors that allow managers and leaders to effectively manage people and performance.

A thoroughly validated assessment tool, the Management Pro™ is ideal for executive employee recruiting and selection. It is proven effective in predicting performance and retention. In addition to being an effective employee recruiting and selection tool, the detailed report can also be used for team building, executive coaching, conflict resolution, succession planning and matching individuals to mentors, peers and staff. Our benchmarking and validation process can be used to develop ideal candidate models specific to your unique organization and culture.
The Management Pro™:

  • Provides an overview of personality traits as they apply to management roles
  • Identifies leadership style and approach
  • Assesses pro-activity, comfort with conflict, achievement motivation and independence
  • Assesses self-confidence, emotional intelligence and people orientation
  • Provides coaching and development strategies
  • Provides interview suggestions and integrates psychometrics with structured interviews
  • Provides feedback on matching to mentors, peers and staff


Used by many of the world’s leading high performance organizations, the Management Pro™ is currently available in 20 languages.

Management Style

The Management Pro™ also provides an overview of an individual’s management style. This includes a wide variety of competencies such as leadership style, communication style, how goals and strategies are implemented, approaches to motivating others, approaches to coaching and feedback style and approaches to training.

Optional Sales Management Functions 

The Management Pro™ includes an optional sales skills assessment which evaluates key sales management issues as well as a wide range of management and leadership competencies including the essentials of self management, approach to recruiting and attraction, approach to sales training and development, sales force growth and performance management.

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