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How Do You Assess Your Sales Managers’ Coaching Skills?
The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ is a manager assessment tool that provides senior sales management with an objective measure of how effective their sales managers coach. The report is based on feedback from the sales reps who receive the coaching. Managers receive a detailed report outlining their strengths and potential blind spots.

Did you know:

  • Coaching is the #1 activity that drives sales rep performance
  • Sales coaching efforts can improve team performance by as much as 19%
  • Managers biggest skill deficiency is coaching

Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™

The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ measures 6 dimensions of effective sales coaching as seen by the sales reps who receive the coaching.

Six Dimensions of Effective Coaching:

  • Sales Rep Receptiveness
  • Leadership
  • Support of Sales Activities
  • Coaching Flexibility
  • Performance Coaching
  • Coaching Time
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The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ provides sales managers with feedback on strengths and areas for development. It also gives Senior Sales Management a snapshot on the coaching effectiveness of the entire sales management team.


  •  Highlights personal strengths and areas for development
  • Provides constructive feedback from the people who receive the coaching
  •  Determines the sales manager coaching effectiveness by district, region, division and overall organization
  • Allows Senior Sales Executives to benchmark coaching effectiveness pre and post


  •  Simple to use 30 question online survey

The STAR Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ helps you answer the question: How effective do our sales managers coach?

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