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Steven Rosen, MBA, is the founder of STAR Results. STAR Results is a sales leadership coaching, training and consulting organization dedicated to leadership development. Steven’s mission is to inspire sales leaders, managers and sales people to rise to their full potential.

When you hire Steven, you get Steven. He personally works with a select group of clients and their management teams to elevate them to greater personal and professional success. Steven knows sales — inside and out; he’s been in the trenches and commanded the troops. Steven builds high-performance teams, mentoring senior sales executives and front-line sales managers to grow their businesses to new heights.

Steven has over 15 years of executive experience. His fresh approach to corporate leadership, strategy development, execution and team-building in the pharmaceutical and packaged goods sectors defined his success. His expertise in aligning sales and marketing initiatives to achieve key business results and exceed customer expectations has continually exceeded sales objectives from his days as a sales rep to his achievements as a VP of sales for Alcon and Biovail.

Steven knows the types of challenges and obstacles you’re up against. He’s been there and broken through, and you can too. He is a high-energy and colorful speaker who will inspire your organization to realize STAR Results.

Steven holds an undergraduate business degree and a Masters in Business Administration from Concordia University.


First and foremost I understand the challenges that sales executives and managers face. I have been in the trenches, I have commanded the troops for over 15 years and I have coached successful sales executives over the past 7 years. I have been recognized as one of Canada’s foremost sales leadership coaches. I am a sales management training expert and I am considered a thought leader in the area of sales coaching.


I will challenge your thinking and inspire you to take action. Sales executives and managers who have worked with me have experienced greater focus in their daily activities, improved leadership skills and have achieved greater personal and professional success.

Results You Can Expect:

  • Improved sales performance
  • Greater team alignment
  • Improved relationship with your boss
  • Stronger management team
  • Improved confidence and assertiveness
  • More energy and better life balance
  • Improved decision-making, leadership and interpersonal skills


Steven has helped sales executives:

  • Realise their vision
  • Hire top performing sales reps
  • Transform their sales managers into great sales coaches
  • Achieve greater personal and professional success


See what people are saying about Steven

Steve has worked with myself and my leadership team on several different projects. His deep knowledge of coaching and performance management has greatly helped us progress against our development goals and accelerate business performance. He’s a good business partner and a valuable asset to any team that is focused on driving superior performance.





Pierre Bourdage, Vice President Neuroscience & MS

Steven’s experience and focus regarding the implementation of the strategies and tactics with front line managers has helped improve engagement at all levels.





Todd Daymond, Director of Sales

“Steven is a great communicator who is really devoted to making you reach your personal goals. His style of coaching is straight-forward and honest. He makes you think through the issues facing you in an inquisitive manner that makes you ask the right questions to get you closer to your goals. He is persistent and has a great sense of humor.”





Orchid Jahanshahi, National Sales Director

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