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Sales Manager Training and Coaching

Developing Great Sales Managers Who Inspire STAR Results


Why Your Sales Force May Not Be Performing To Their Potential

Firstly, Sales Managers Are the KEY to Driving Sales Performance

  • The #1 performance factor for sales reps is the quality of their sales manager.
  • The #1 manager activity associated with rep success is coaching. Highly effective sales coaches impact sales performance by as much as 20%!
  • The #1 reason why top performing sales reps leave an organization is due to their relationship with their sales manager.


Secondly, Sales Managers Are Not Getting the Development They Require To Be Successful

  • Organizations are investing thousands of dollars on sales training, yet very little investment in their sales managers who develop top sales people.
  • The next line of sales management are stretched too far and not always qualified to support their sales managers.
  • Front line sales managers are poorly prepared, overworked and under supported to perform the most important role in the sales organization.

Thankfully, We Develop Great Sales Managers

  • Our sales manager training will teach your sales managers to improve sales performance, engagement and results.
  • Our sales manager coaching program will help your sales managers get better at hiring, coaching and retaining top sales performers.
  • Our customers have seen an improvement in their management decision-making, leadership skills and results.

Sales Management Solutions

Sales Manager Coaching


Achieve greater personal and professional success. Our Focused Coaching Program is a breakthrough in personalized coaching. Steven will help you improve your performance.

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Sales Tests


Boost your top and bottom line.  We will help you breakthrough the obstacles that are holding your team back. We work with you to identify the priorities that have the greatest impact on performance.

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Sales Manager Training


Are you considering investing in developing your front line sales managers? You are definitely on the right track!  The #1 performance factor for sales people is the quality of their manager.

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Why Hire Steven

Steven understands the challenges and realities you face. He has been in the trenches and have commanded the troops for over 15 years. He has trained and coached hundreds of sales managers over the last 10 years and is recognized as an expert in sales management development.

Steven will challenge your thinking and inspire you to take action. Sales executives and sales managers who have worked with Steven have experienced greater focus in their daily activities, improved leadership skills and have achieved greater personal and professional success.

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