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Discover the competitive edge these clients are now enjoying from leadership coaching and sales manager training:


How I Can Help You Acheive STAR Results?




Leadership Coaching

I want to take my performance to the next level, make my numbers and lead change with greater confidence.

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Sales Management Training

I want to unlock the performance of my sales team, improve engagement and develop a team of STAR sales managers.

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New Sales Management Training

I want to Accelerate© the performance of my new sales managers and transition them from sales representative to sales leader.

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There are good results, and then there are STAR Results!

Reignite that fire in your team and take your sales performance

to the next level.

1:1 Leadership Coaching Will Inspire You and
Motivate Your Team to Achieve STAR Results.

Steven Rosen is recognized as one of Canada’s foremost
leadership coaches.

Rosen is considered a thought leader in the area of leadership coaching and a seasoned sales management expert.

He understands the challenges that sales executives and managers face.

Over 25 years of research has proven that the best way to get STAR Results is not by more training, but by coaching executives and managers one-on-one to increase FOCUS and understand their individual core driver(s).

You may think you know what motivates your team, but it’s almost always a deeper and often hidden personal and individual reason that really drives each team member to achieve peak performance levels.

STAR Results produces focused and successful sales leaders by

  1. Drilling down to the real issue or obstacles you and your team face, so that you can deliver results well beyond handling the minutia of daily meetings, emails and phone calls.
  2. Clearly defining the sure-fire path to reach your end goal.
  3. Identifying and understanding the core drivers that motivate you and your team to get there.
  4. Inspiring you to take appropriate action from the get-go.
  5. Holding you accountable for achieving measurable STAR results.

Steven Rosen, MBA

Leadership Coach

Sales Resources

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You may be thinking the 4 most dangerous words in the English language:
“I already know that.”

Team members may not even be consciously aware of what really matters to them. However, when you drill down and bring it to the surface, their real reason for working hard every day shifts them into high gear and their performance takes off like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Focus is the #1 factor for achieving success.

This highly structured, deliberate, and regularly scheduled leadership coaching is tailored to address whatever the client needs, focusing on (but not limited to) concerns such as:

  • What to do when your numbers are down.
  • Avoiding panic by making the right changes.
  • Where do you go for answers when you are not sure you know them, and you don’t want to look weak in front of your boss
  • What really motivates your people? What is their core driver?
  • How do you keep your team motivated in the midst of a change or uncertainty in the company, the marketplace, their personal lives, etc.

Sales Management Training Focus

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Our Fans Who Achieved STAR Results 


ExecutiveSteven has worked extensively with our sales management team and is helping Allergan develop a high-performance sales organization. We have enjoyed strong growth over the past five years. Steven has been a personal mentor and contributed in part to our success.

Stu Fowler, President & GM, Allergan Canada
Pierre BourdageSteven has worked with myself and my leadership team on several different projects. His deep knowledge of coaching and performance management has greatly helped us progress against our development goals and accelerate business performance.

Pierre Bourdage, General Manager UK & Ireland at Alcon
TSSteven has helped me focus on how to challenge the status quo, how to influence others and the importance of teaching my people how to “fish” for themselves. He encouraged me to take risks, understand better the boardroom politics and develop strategies to move my business forward.
Tricia Symmes, General Manager Alcon Canada
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